“The staff at Blythe Family Fitness has created a positive atmosphere of support and encouragement for any person wishing to succeed in their personal fitness goals. Our community is blessed by their expansive knowledge and determination to serve each member extensively.”

December, 2016

“Ashley Austin has taken my personal fitness goals and created a plan for me to grow, learn and accomplished more than what I came to Blythe for!! Her knowledge has opened my mind to the variety of physical fitness an individual can accomplish. No matter where you are at today, it matters where you’d like to be tomorrow. Ashley can develop a plan for you to be able to meet tomorrow’s goals one day at a time. She not only trained my body in fitness, but she’s trained my brain also! Ashley is a professional and she’s awesome at what she does for each of her clients.”

December, 2016


tstmnljan2“Just so happens that I received a compliment at the gym this morning. Honestly, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to size changes other than clothes got a lot bigger!
I knew that when I started at Blythe in mid-2013 I was shocked that I could only walk at a moderate pace for 15-20 minutes. This morning I ran 3 3-minute sprints during my workout. Who knew!
I am grateful for the Blythe and to the staff and trainers. You rock!” -Jan


“I’m loving the workout! It has done a lot for me. I have lost 13 pounds with the Senior class plus dieting. I am wearing smaller clothes and feeling much better. I think everyone should do it. I hope to lose another 15 pounds before the class is done. Anyone one can do it, I’m 76!”  -Martha Hunter (Trainer – Wade Elwood)


“For years I’ve made half-hearted attempts to lose weight and get healthy. Without success on my own, I joined Blythe Fitness and hired Jake for a personal trainer. His encouragement and expertise in weight lifting, cardio, and nutrition has given me life-long tools to continue my fitness journey. -Jo (Trainer – Jake Sharp)


“As most people know, Blythe Family Fitness is a great asset to the Pratt community and a rarity in a city of this size. Blythe Family Fitness goes a step beyond health and fitness by providing a child care area for members and nonmembers.
I would like to especially recognize one of your staff members, Tammie Sanko, for exceptional service in the Busy Bea Child Care area. Tammie offers more to the children than just making sure they have a safe and fun place to be while their Mom or Dad is getting fit and healthy.She provides craft ideas of all kinds for the toddlers and preschoolers and keeps the toys “fresh” by rotating them in and out of the room to offer a new experience for the children. She also changes diapers and rocks babies to sleep! But above all, my son enjoys being with “Mrs. Tammie” and playing with new friends that he meets there. What an amazing service that Blythe and Tammie Sanko provide to our community! If this service was not available, I would not be able to attend classes at Blythe and would not be as healthy and fit as I am today. -Lori”


Be Fit For Life At Blythe